Tears and guacamole. Come to the table; you’re not alone.

Hi there! So this will be my first completely transparent post. A new uncharted ground for me but one I know I need to stand on; journey on. Anyone that knows me, knows I love the table. I love what it represents. I love to gather people around it. To ‘break bread’ together is truly sacred and is one of my greatest treasures. So I’m about to ramble on about my health journey but if you want the cliffsnotes version, it’s this dear one: we ALL have our quirkiness, you are not alone, you are invited, wanted and accepted at the table; no matter what. Just show up.

Jaime’s Creamy Saffron Chicken Soup

We had supper club at my friend Jaime’s last week and she made this amazing soup. It makes a huge batch so I halved the recipe to work with what I had on hand when recreating it. I know saffron is a pricey spice but it completely makes this soup sing! Each step adds layers of flavor; stick with the process and you’ll be blessed.

Holiday Mashed Cauliflower

This cauliflower dish is such a change up from traditional mashed cauliflower. The sage and rosemary make it taste like Thanksgiving or Christmas in a bowl. I can’t get enough of it. And I know I’m talking about cauliflower! Such a gift!

Treat it like we want it to grow...

Be it a relationship, a new learned skill or a new way of thinking, whatever it is, let’s treat it with intentionality to help it thrive. Maybe it’s not something new; it’s just something that has grown a little stagnant and needs some attention. As my wise, dear friend says, “Needs change over time.” Agreed. So let’s identify areas for growth and get back to life-breathing fundamentals. And enjoy the process.

Cinnamon-Maple Almonds

With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s so great to have some treats on hand to share and these nuts...awww...super for snackin’, great mix-in for a yogurt parfait or smoothie and perfect for that ‘not-too-sweet’ sweet tooth after dinner with coffee. Love. And a bonus for these nuts is that they’re super quick to throw together since it’s all on the stovetop. It’s almost not a recipe and more of a love for sharing a wonderful toasted cinnamon aroma throughout your house. I’m getting excited over the cooler days and these warm cinnamon-maple nuts add to the blessings.

Slow Down...Walk, Don’t Run

Whether its an over-packed action list or over-run emotions, sometimes the best thing we can do is slow down. Even if it’s only a few tiny minutes, make the most of them by being fully present. Maybe we only get two things done out of our list of 10. That’s okay. Those two things will make us stronger. Allow us to really listen. Breathe.

Grace-full Frittata

This is definitely one of those dishes you can morph into whatever you want! Spaghetti squash is the main star in this frittata but it doesn't have to be. It can take on whatever leftover roasted veggies house your fridge.

Anytime Turkey Sausages

Happy Fall guys! I love all things Fall...football, the weather, the colors, the smells AND the flavors! This recipe for turkey sausage screams fall with the dried cranberries and all the yummy spices including sage. I love them with brekkie OR chopped up on a lettuce wrap. Enjoy however and whenever you like! 

Part 2 of Better Flow: What she said...

Happy day to you! I so pray you're absorbing all the goodness of this season as we start transitioning from summer into fall! It's truly a sweet spot! I'm tickled to share the continuation of responses I received from a few friends I polled with the question, "What are two things you're currently doing to better manage the flow of your day?"

Just Jam

On to the jam...I have a very real love affair with all things sweet AND savory. And I LOVE tasty condiments! That being said, a scoop of this jam on top of a grilled chicken salad or roasted veggies makes my heart sing!

Chicken Poppers

While these chicken poppers may not be pretty, they completely make up for it in taste! Seriously, double the recipe so you can enjoy for dinner AND then have awesome protein snacks to grab out of the fridge later in the week.