Hi! I'm Amanda Keys! Thanks for stopping by! 

Greetings! So excited you popped in! In no particular order, here are a few raw random facts about me and my goals for this blog...

I adore mornings! I am most fed by feeding people. I love making plans; and even enjoy changing them. I love sharing new creations from my kitchen. I'm crazy about my five guys (that includes my incredible husband and partner-Brady, oh so sweet son-Austin, fun-loving youngest son-Graham, and my two four-legged furry boys- Harry and Blu). I follow a grain-free, refined sugar free (mostly paleo) way of eating and I feel 1,000% better for it. I have for about five years now. I love americanos and avocados and salt and burnt toast and life! Fear of failing is a real issue for me. I get completely giddy over travel. Seriously over the moon about it. Have an ongoing crush on Europe. I'm in love with Jesus and His perfect Word. Every aspect of God is life and breath to me. It's my prayer to inspire and encourage others on their journey experiencing the love of Jesus. I believe true health is mind, body and soul. I've run one full marathon, several halfs, a sprinkling of 5Ks but jog-walking my pups has the biggest piece of my heart. I love to stand up paddle board (even though I live in west Texas) and I have never gotten a tattoo. 

Whether through a recipe, a quote or a picture, I'm praying this blog is a source of inspiration and encouragement to you. Seriously, thanks for popping in!